The device of wine cellars

microclimate, shelving, equipment

Wine cellar, is probably, wanted by every country house owner. When you design this unusual room, you should take into account the two main parameters – humidity and temperature.

It is interesting that the temperature, among other things, should vary depending on the type of wine stored. Observing correctly the humidity and temperature conditions will help correct insulation. Today, a large number of all kinds of equipment for a wine cellar are on the market, so problems with the arrangement usually do not arise. For example, a special split system, wine bottle racks, a spiral type of shelves, etc. can be installed.


Contents Experts say that in a wine cellar it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature at a level of 13-15 degrees. If the room is at least a little colder, then the maturation of the wine will be noticeably delayed. On the other hand, if the temperature, on the contrary, increases, then the drink will lose its taste characteristics, and also lose its peculiar features. Collectors also say that different types of wine should be stored in different rooms. Microclimate is the most important condition for storing wine. In addition, it is necessary to install air conditioners for wine cellars, which will exclude sharp temperature changes, which also adversely affect the characteristics of the wine. Like any other equipment for a wine cellar, a split-system must be powered by an independent energy source, because no one is immune from an unexpected power outage.


The wine cellar should not be too wet. The optimum humidity level for the room is 60-70%. At a higher level, mold begins to form, the wine will be oxidized due to excessive drainage of the plug. A regular split system for providing the necessary humidity will not work, so it is necessary to mount special conditioners for wine cellars.
Design of racks
Racks for wine storage are chosen special. This requires a certain modular design, which has storage cells for bottles. Racks can store several hundred bottles depending on the design. Traditionally, wine racks are made from oak. Shelving can be easily grouped as required. With their help you can give the room a certain individuality. Having worked not only working qualities, but also the design of the wine cellar, it is possible to achieve sufficiently high aesthetic results. Racks can have hexagonal cells, which are the most suitable for traditional bottles. Such racks are sold in virtually any specialized store, so with their acquisition of problems will not arise.
Stages of work on the storage device
The wine cellar can not be made from scratch. The room for it must be equipped with special communications and equipment. The main stages of its construction are as follows:
– Development of an individual project that will take into account the location and size of the storage facility, as well as the financial capabilities of the host.
– Carrying out preparatory works: the basement must be cleaned, treated with special antiseptic compounds, which for a long time will be able to withstand mold.
– Installation of air conditioners (split-system). Air conditioners for wine cellars are also selected individually.
– Interior decoration of the wine cellar, installation of lamps and a suitable insulated door.
– Selection and installation of shelving, which will be bottles.


Finishing the room with decorative elements. Do not use softwood for finishing the room. The wine cellar, as a rule, has wooden walls. The main condition in the process of performing the work on the finish is to maintain the required temperature regime, as well as the necessary humidity and thermal insulation. For walls it is recommended to use environmentally friendly plaster and putty. At the same time, it is forbidden to use pine wood for finishing, because during exploitation it will emit appropriate odors due to resin. The same can be said about cedar, resinous substances which can give wine an unpleasant aftertaste. And with the smells of wood, no split-system can cope. If you make a wine cellar with your own hands, then choose an oak finish. Oak wood has been used for many years in wine cellars around the world. It also makes barrels for wine, which already says a lot. It should be noted that in the wine cellar there should be no carpets.

Floor and thermal insulation

For the wine cellar, different floor coverings can be used: from marble to ceramic tiles. Experts, at the same time, note that the ideal wine cellar has an adobe floor, which in addition is covered with sand or fine gravel. In the summer months, such a floor, as a rule, is moistened, so that the optimal regime is maintained in the cellar. Wine does not like excessive dryness, so in the absence of a good climate system, you can, as necessary, moisten the floor in the vault. If there is a ground on the ground with a high level of humidity, then for the floor covering it is best to use slag or concrete. Completely isolate the floor from moisture also does not follow – this is not an urgent need, because the basement will need periodic moisturizing. To make effective thermal insulation, it is recommended to sew the wine cellar with any modern closed-porous heat-insulating material. Typically, the material is applied in one layer up to 10 cm thick. The main requirement for the material is moisture resistance, neutrality to chemical attack, absence of odor emissions. Before carrying out work on the thermal insulation of the premises, the whole basement must be treated with antiseptic compounds.

Steam insulation and ventilation

Deciding to make a wine cellar with their own hands, many people completely forget about the vapor barrier of the room. And this is an indispensable condition for the long-term preservation of wine in its normal form. Steam insulation in the wine cellar can be made from special plastic panels, which are best installed from the outside of the room (if this is not possible, then they must be installed from the inside). Panels should be finished all surfaces (except the floor). Wine cellar is a place where the accumulation of various odors is unacceptable. Because they can penetrate even through the most tight cork. To avoid this, it is necessary to arrange a high-quality ventilation system. The supply and exhaust forced ventilation system is perfect. In addition, experts recommend trying to provide for an optimal air distribution.
It’s not so difficult to make a cellar for wine storage. In the process of work, it is very important to follow all the recommendations given by the specialist, and pay attention even to the smallest nuances of arranging this unusual room. Of course, taking into account the installation of various ventilation systems, air conditioners and insulation materials, the costs of creating a quality wine cellar will be significant.

The device of wine cellars - microclimate, shelving, equipment

The device of wine cellars - microclimate, shelving, equipment

Wine cellar, is probably, wanted by every country house owner...
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