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The Wine Cellar Building Smells With Romance. In The Interview, Wine Analyst Milan Sedláček Will Tell You How This Cellar Is Built, When The Cellars Started To Build And Also How To Properly Store The Wine At Home In Order To Maintain Its Taste And Quality Even After Several Years.

When you say wine cellar, a delicious drink, the hills covered with vineyards and the romance of the historical underground, will come to mind. I love the old underground space and the wine.
The first and largest cellars were under old Rome, but Rome is one large cellar. It’s similar in Valtice. The cellars we use now are from 16 to 17 century. It is a continuous layer of cellars beneath every old roman city. About 3 meters below them is another layer of cellars from the 12th-13th century, and far below them the oldest, archaeologists estimate that they are 4-5 century. Until the 4th century, the 10th Roman legion was seated near the Roman legion, and local residents, probably Celts, learned to build cellars directly from the Romans. The age of the cellars is recognized by the signs on the bricks they were built on.
The biggest flowering of wine cellars was in the 16th-17th century. In order for the cellars to be built, the time had to be rich and the temperature climate had to be favorable . During the 12-13 century and 16th-17th centuries has always been about 150 years of warm fluctuation. The same is now. We are experiencing such a wine boom that we have sugar content of wine all over Europe as in the south of France. Just as it is necessary to produce and store the wine, the new cellars are being built again.

In the Middle Ages, the burghers used cellars not only for wine but also for storing agricultural crops and root vegetables. In the harsh winters, the cattle were reportedly fired. In the cellars there is a constant temperature of 12 0 C.

The new cellars nowadays are not too common because it’s expensive to build a proper one. Wine cellars are more likely to be repaired or built into cellars at home and in garages, even in barns. Boxes for wine archives are built into chambers. For example, in the new flats, a cellar where one large seating room and four wine storage boxes are integrated into the project. In other parts, cellars are mainly used for  wine-growing recreation , where the wineyard is situated above the cellar.

The construction of cellars is also problematic in terms of building law . When the cellar is dug, it is the same as the family house. But when he is mined he falls under the mining office. They had nothing to do with the clerks (after the majority of the coal mines had been removed), so they were also responsible for the wine cellars. Otherwise, I can not explain why the mining authority’s supervision? Thus, the cellar has to be built by a company that has permission for mining works. And that’s expensive, so people are building the cellars on black.

At present, 99% of the wine is produced by controlled fermentation, but it  does not want archiving . As a young, this wine is fantastic, but after 2 years, quality is mostly severely suffered. This technology was requested by the customer in the 1990s.

When I buy wine on the market, I usually get payed for it after two years, even though I have invested a lot of money in it. Wines are generally guaranteed for 2 years. But it’s two years since bottling , and wine can lie on the market for a year. On each bottle, the bottle is written in small print.
It is now a great fashion to have archive boxes, it is possible to remake the chamber in the panel. Then wine will be bought. There are people that know nothing about wine, wine is tasting, it is good, it buys and then it sucks over two years, which is why the producer of the lump is the villain, but actually he is not, because he made the wine that people demanded.
The main purpose of the cellar is at present the storage of wine, not its production. Whoever has the funds will use them to build a new cellar, which is terribly financially demanding. What I can recommend if you have a chamber or an old garage or basement room, boldly fit a wine cellar into it. You do not have to do complicated landscaping, just get a bricklayer who can build a Roman vault and build a cellar in the room that you can keep in hand and start wine storage, archiving and everything about wine culture.

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The device of wine cellars - microclimate, shelving, equipment

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